5 Steps to Change Battery For Car Exactly

Installing a car battery is not difficult, and you can do it yourself. So you can pay more attention to and care for your car, especially your car engine. The battery component in a car has an important function that cannot be ignored.

The main function of the battery itself is to provide the main power supply to meet all the needs of electronic devices in the car. Without a battery, the car cannot function optimally.

The cause of a dead battery is usually due to improper battery installation, and usually the car rarely heats up, or it could be because the capacity is very low and old.

A car that fails to start after starting can be caused by a car battery. For that, please check and do maintenance regularly. Otherwise, it will reduce the performance of the car, the air conditioner will not be able to cool, the engine will start badly. If so, to save time and money, you need to know how to install the latest car battery.

How to Install Your Own Car Battery at Home

how to change battery for car

1. Remove the Old Battery First

Yes, you can install or replace a car battery at home as long as you know how. Also pay attention to safety, because the car battery is an electrically conducting component. How to install a car battery for beginners without wasting time.

Before we get into how to install a car battery, you'll need to remove the old battery first. The first thing to do is open the hood, then remove the wires, clamps and screws from the negative pole. Then to the positive pole. The main reason for this method is to avoid short circuits, which can cause problems such as short circuits. Please turn off the car engine first to avoid electric current during the installation process.

Once everything is removed, lift the battery up. Why should it be vertical? Battery fluid does not leak from a wet battery. Usually you will see various parts such as cables and battery terminals. If it has not been cleaned for a long time, rust will appear, which is certainly very annoying. You need to remove rust with a special liquid.

Rust that is left alone can become an obstacle to the entry of electricity, thereby reducing the power consumption of other devices in the car.

2. Place the Battery Perpendicular

Now it's time to start installing the new battery. You can easily get this battery in the market. Find out the exact battery requirements beforehand, so you don't buy the wrong one.

To insert a new battery, place it perpendicular to the bracket. Then do the reverse of removing the old battery. First connect the positive lead to the positive pole and then the negative lead to the negative pole. The reason is the same, to avoid sparks at the positive pole.

3. Positive camp: Negative Cable Installation

But remember this. If after installing the positive cable and then the negative cable to the battery post, you can be sure there will be a spark. But you don't need to be confused. It's natural. The sparks will stop. When the battery head is properly installed.

4. Checking Cables and Clamps

In this case, make sure that all cables and clamps are securely attached. Don't leave anything loose or badly sealed. The car will definitely not start if you try.

5. Turn on the Car Engine

After you are sure that all the battery components are installed correctly, try starting the car engine. Wait a few moments until everything goes well. Now your car can be reused comfortably to support daily mobility.

The car must be kept in perfect condition at all times. Don't let your car get into trouble while you're on the road. This is definitely a very annoying problem.

Our advice is that you can service your favorite car at a trusted car repair shop. In order to check the condition of the car so that it can continue to function optimally at all times.

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