How Long Do Electric Car Batteries Last On One Charge

Electric cars are increasingly popular in the world. But some people are still hesitant to buy an electric car because they consider the durability of the battery. How long does an electric car battery last.

Electric car fuel is different from conventional vehicles that use fuel oil (BBM). Electric vehicles can only be driven using battery power. The battery used is not the same as the one on the gadget, such as a smartphone or laptop.

Batteries are a component that is of great concern to electric car buyers. Battery life and condition greatly affect the comfortable use of the car. Many people are still worried about running out of battery in the middle of a trip.

Factors Affecting Battery Life 

The batteries used in electric cars are almost all the lithium-ion type. This battery will experience a reduction or discharge when the electric car is driven. Then the battery will be in charge when in-charger. An electric car's battery cycle has an impact on how much charge it can hold.

how long do electric car batteries last on one charge


Another factor that affects the age of electric cars is their charging. Overcharging can cause chemical changes in the battery. This condition can negatively affect energy storage efficiency. Keep in mind, emptying the electric car is also not a good move.

Lithium-ion batteries generally perform best when their capacity is between 50% and 80%. Charging the last 20% also takes longer than the first 80%.


The durability or age of an electric battery really depends on many factors. There are external factors that affect electric car batteries, but you cannot control them. This factor is about temperature. Excessive temperatures, either too cold or hot, will have a negative effect on the durability of electric cars.

Temperature also affects the distance an electric car can travel. Temperatures that are too hot can reduce battery life faster. While cold temperatures can make the distance shorter than when in hot temperatures. You could say that electric car batteries are suitable for use in Indonesia, which has a tropical climate.

Kilowatt-Hour (kWh)

When discussing electric car battery capacity, it is always associated with the term kilowatt-hour (kWh). The more kilowatt-hours an electric car has, the better. With higher kWh, then it's like buying a vehicle with a bigger gas tank. The higher the kWh or the larger the tank capacity, the farther you can go.

Keep in mind that electric cars have a management system that prevents the vehicle from fully charging or fully discharging. This is what determines the battery life of electric cars can last long or short.

How Long Does an Electric Car Battery Last

Electric car batteries have different ages from one vehicle to another. Every automotive manufacturer releases batteries with different durability. But the average age of an electric car battery can be up to 10 - 15 years. If in terms of mileage, it can reach 200 thousand km. 

For example, Nissan electric car batteries can last up to 10 - 12 years. Electric vehicle manufacturers also continue to develop technology in order to create long-lasting batteries. In addition, each brand also tries to present better performance than the previous output.

For example, the Tesla manufacturer has launched an electric car equipped with a battery that can work up to 1500 charge cycles, or the equivalent of 800 thousand km on the odometer.

This is an explanation of how long the battery life of an electric car lasts. Each electric car brand presents batteries with different ages. There are many factors as well that affect battery life. Also, don't forget that maintenance or use can also affect battery life. Thanks.

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